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Our story

Isabelle and Marie Louise founded the youth-led organization #Hunspanderer in Norway 2015. #HunSpanderer has had two successful campaigns addressing unconscious bias and gender stereotypes reaching millions of people. Following the campaigns they saw a significant call for action and solutions on how to improve diversity in the workplace.

That lead them to found Equality Check.

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What is Equality Check?

Equality Check is a platform where employees can leave anonymous reviews about equal opportunity, workplace culture, work/life balance, the management's commitment to diversity and more. Our belief is that we can create a better workplace for everyone through transparency and accountability. Our platform is always anonymous.

Will you have equal opportunities and the ability to advance and grow, regardless of your gender, ethnicity, sexuality or age at your next employer?

By using Equality Check you are helping other people avoid pitfalls and showcase the workplaces that are truly wonderful places to work.

Employers benefit from becoming aware of how their employees feel about their culture, and those who score well will be rewarded by having a platform to attract the best talent from a diverse candidate pool. For employers who want to improve, we have developed tools to support them. Our unique approach combines qualitative and quantitative data for workplaces to go from insight to action.

Our mission is to catalyze equal opportunities for everyone through transparency and accountability.

Our background


3 national campaigns addressing gender stereotypes and unconscious bias in Norway reaching more than 2 million people

Engaged more than 30 CEO's of Norway’s largest workplaces to prioritize the issue

Held several international and national events on unconscious bias and gender stereotypes for thousands of people


Been featured in 100+ media articles speaking on the subject of diversity

Published a book on unconscious bias and gender stereotypes with Norway’s most accredited publisher Gyldendal

Partnered with Norway’s leading research center on Gender Equality (CORE) to find what could become the world’s first validated solutions on how to improve gender balance in organizations

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Why we do it

Diversity and gender equality has been on the agenda for many years. Despite efforts, we are still not seeing the change we long to see. In 2020, the WEF Gender Gap report estimated that with the current rate of progress, it will take 99.5 years to close the global gender gap. In other words;

Equality will not be solved anytime soon unless we speed up the process.

Many employees with minority backgrounds experience the direct consequence of unconscious bias, microaggression and discrimination. Studies show that employees are reluctant to share bad conduct and culture with their managers because they are afraid of negative reactions or reprimands. In 2017, 19 million people tweeted #MeToo, proving that a large group of women still experience sexual harassment at work.

This falls back to corporate culture. However, the crucial inside information on the level of unconscious and conscious discrimination is not accessible for employees before they start working at a workplace.

The inside information from employees describing the level of unconscious bias, quality of culture and equal opportunity is crucial for workplaces to be able to change the workplace culture into an including environment providing equal opportunities for all employees.

Join the movement


Spread the word!

  • Raise your voice in a constructive way to drive change.

  • Be part of a community helping other people.

  • Get inside information on workplace culture in terms of diversity - where you will have an opportunity to achieve your dreams and ambitions without being limited by gender, nationality, age, sexuality or functional ability etc.


Partner with us

  • If you own or represent a workplace and want to catalyze change towards equality, encourage your employees to leave a review.

  • It’s great for employer branding! Claiming your workplace will prove your true commitment to diversity, your belief in transparency and your valuation of equality.

Email us at: hello@equalitycheck.com

Become an Equality Check Ambassador

Equality Check is a bottom-up, community-driven way to nudge employers to catalyze change towards equality. Our common goal of achieving a more equal workplace relies on passionate community builders who will engage colleges, friends and family to join the platform.

When you sign up, make sure to check out our ambassador program. By sharing your unique link with your network, you can achieve cool benefits!

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