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Why aren't we equal yet?

Most people today agree that equality pays off and that lack of equality is a problem.


Why aren't we equal yet?

Most people today agree that equality pays off and that lack of equality is a problem.

In 2016, only a quarter of the companies who implemented gender equality initiatives succeeded in achieving a female share of management over 20%.(McKinsey)

We think there are four main reasons for this:

1) The first is objections in the population. A surprising amount of people have underlying objections to gender equality that make change difficult to achieve, and in turn efforts are often underprioritized.

2) These objections are often based on unconscious bias and gender stereotypes. Without realizing it, we perceive and treat men and women differently.

3) A lack of understanding of causality. We don't always understand whether there is a relationship between cause and effect, and we tend to confuse correlation and causality. For example, we know that ice cream sales increase in hot weather. Crime also increases as temperatures rise. But even though ice cream sales and crime are increasing at the same time, that doesn't mean that increased ice cream sales lead to increased crime. Or the opposite. The two variables are correlated, but we cannot prove causality. Based on gender stereotypes, we have a tendency to construct myth-based explanations of gender imbalance with no proof of causality.

For example, an analysis showed that the women at the two largest stock brokerages in the United States earned 60% of what the men did. First, the difference was explained by the fact that the women were unable to make as many or as successful transactions.

Later, it was seen that the difference in pay was not due to the fact that the women were lesser brokers, but that they had not gained access to the transactions that produced the highest return, and thus the highest commission. Misunderstandings of this kind create confusion in regards to gender equality.

4) The lack of a research-based approach. We simply don't know enough about the actual situation. Basic knowledge of gender equality is lacking. We don't have enough information about what works. We implement measures without spending time and money to investigate what actually works as intended.

Why aren't we equal yet?

The simple answer to this is that gender equality depends on many different factors. Gender balance is hard to come by - had it been a simple solution, we would have reached our goals a long time ago. However, the key word here is yet. We are glad to see that many companies and individulas are putting equality on their agenda.

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