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The easiest way for you to have a positive impact on workplace equality

We've made it super simple for you to have a big impact


How you can contribute and create even more impact?

The Equality Check ambassador club is a unique way for you to take action and contribute to the movement by engaging your network and accelerating change beyond what we can do as individuals. You make an exponential impact by inviting a community of Equality Check'ers.

We are very proud of our club of growing ambassadors who spread the word, advocate for our platform, and ensure that businesses are represented, and every voice is heard.

It’s never been so simple to have a big impact.

How do you get started?

All you do is log in/signup to Equality Check and you’ll find your unique referral link in your account settings.

Share your link with friends, colleges, or family and encourage them to leave a review. Once they’ve acted, you get bumped up in the club.

We have 3 levels in the ambassador club:

Level 1: Official Equality Check Ambassador

If you’re able to get 3 people to leave a review, you’ll receive a camera blocker with the Equality Check logo on it in the mail. A camera blocker is a small thing you stick on your laptop's webcam to ensure your privacy. And of course, you get the best of all, the honor of calling yourself an official Equality Check ambassador!

Level 2: Super Ambassador

Now you've upped your game, and 10 people have left a review- all because of you! We suspect you're a diversity advocate wherever you go, and for that, we want to shine some light on your efforts. We will contact you with a suggestion to give you a shout-out on our social media channels- and we'll invite you to write a blog post on a topic you like related to diversity. This is a great way to share your commitment to diversity with the world and get your knowledge out there.

Level 3: Equality Check Champion

Wow. Now you're really up there. 20 people have left a review due to your efforts. To celebrate we are offering you the chance to gift a free subscription to our premium tool to the employer of your choice. Our premium tool is a research-based platform dedicated to helping workplaces become more equal and diverse. The value is about 100,000 NOK!

Now that you're on board with what the ambassador club entails, what are you waiting for?

The entire Equality Check team is forever grateful for your efforts and actions to create a more equal world through transparency and accountability!

Become an ambassador today!

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