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Are you paid fairly? See how your salary compares to others' in your field

Equality Check launches new feature to create transparency on the pay gap


The pay gap stubbornly persists. At present, across the world, women, and minorities earn around 20 percent less on average per month. One of the most effective ways to reduce the pay gap is to promote equal pay for work of equal value, as stated under the Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically 5 and 8.5 of the 2030 agenda.

Reducing the pay gap is not impossible. All over the world, countries, companies, and workers are pioneering new and innovative solutions. Legislation championing the right to equal pay for work of equal value.  Requiring companies to publish their gender pay gap data publicly.

That's what we are doing through our new salary feature. We want to create transparency on the pay gap in the workforce, powered by your contribution.

Our feature provides you job salary insights and lets you compare your salary to other in the field. Once we have more data we'll help you understand the various factors that impact pay for roles so you can make more informed negotiation strategies.

To build this data, we're asking that people like you sumbit your salary information. It takes 2 minutes max. Once you've submitted your salary, you can see how you compare- and in time we'll be able to show you the gaps amongst various subgroups within the organization and industry your're in. Our questions include years of experience, industry, bonus, hours per week, education level, and more to be able to provide a comprehensive overview once we have enough data.

Not one single actor can solve the challenge of equal pay alone. Together, we can accelerate progress in closing the gender pay gap. Your workplace can join to contribute to the change and be at the forefront. Learn more about Equality Check’s tool here or send us an email hello@equalitycheck.it to learn how you can get involved.

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