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Equality Check in Norway and Make Equal in Sweden join forces with the goal of creating the most equal workplaces in Europe.

We’ve been competing in cross-country skiing for decades, but now its time to up the stakes. Are you ready to see how Norway compares to Sweden when it comes to workplace equality?


Equality Check in Norway and Make Equal in Sweden join forces with the goal of creating the most equal workplaces in Europe.

The Swedish foundation, Make Equal joins forces with Equality Check in Norway.  The two companies have more in common than their similar names. Since 2010, Make Equal offers companies solution-focused equality consultants who provide ways to create more equal workplaces. They have reached over a hundred million people worldwide with their messages.

Equality Check spun out of the Norwegian organization #Hunspanderer which reached millions with their creative campaigns to raise awareness on unconscious bias and gender stereotypes. Since their inception in 2015, #Hunspanderer has grown into a company under the name Equality Check: a platform where more than 5,000 people have left anonymous reviews about equality at their workplaces.

Both companies have similar missions: to create better workplaces for everyone through radical transparency and accountability.

  • “This partnership will help put equal opportunitydiversity on the agenda of companies in both Sweden and Norway,” says Marie Louise Sunde, CEO, and Co-Founder of Equality Check. “We see numerous synergies and believe we can help workplaces become more transparent. We are confident that this partnership will lead to happier employees in both Norway and Sweden,” says Sunde.

The Nordic regions have a glowing reputation as the best place in the world when it comes to equality. But many experts argue that progress has flatlined, suggesting these countries are further from achieving equality than global observers might imagine.

  • “Our partnership is much more than exchanging best practices across country lines. Make Equal wants to put both Sweden and Norway on the map of truly being the most equal and transparent workplaces. This means shifting focus to how everyone can be part of the solution," says, Frida Hasselblad, CEO in Make Equal.

Together, the two organizations will work towards their common goal: creating more equal, diverse and transparent futures for everyone; starting in the home countries, then moving beyond borders and into the rest of Europe.

For more information contact:

Emily Northway, marketing and communications Equality Check


About Equality Check

Equality Check is a community-based platform where employees can leave anonymous reviews about equal opportunity, company culture, work/life balance and the management's commitment to diversity. Our mission is to catalyze equal opportunities for everyone through radical transparency and accountability.

About Make Equal

We live up to our name. Make Equal has solution-focused equality experts who work with methods and strategies for practical equality work. We shift the focus to how everyone can be part of the solution. We are a constructive voice in the debate, and we are behind initiatives such as Respekttrappan, FATTA! and #guytalk.

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