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#StudentChangemaker: Working Towards Equal Access and Opportunity For All


Today, we bring you our last set of Changemakers to announce for the summer. This campaign has brought nothing less than the utmost joy, wonder and awe for everyone involved and hopefully, you have also found it has spurred you on to think about how you can do your bit to make this society of ours that bit more fair and equal (hint: leaving an anonymous review of your workplace on Equality Check’s platform would be an excellent way to start).

But - do not panic - we’re not over yet! From the admirable Disability and Asexuality activist Charli Clement to Bright Network's Women's Society Award nominee Cambridge Women in Business Society, today’s stellar cast are here to prove that last does by no means mean least. And, what’s more, we hope to see our Changemaker Community continue to grow as time goes by - follow the instructions at the bottom if you, or someone you know, would like to feature.

P.S.: Keep an eye across our social channels because soon we’ll be publishing ALL our Changemakers, and what they have to say, in an exclusive issue - you don’t want to miss it!

And, for now, we give you…

Charli Clement

Charli (she/her) is currently a Disability and Asexuality Activist, and was previously also Co-President of Lancaster Women+ Forum, alongside fellow Changemaker Lydia Moodycliffe. She has written for publications such as TABOU Magazine and discusses topics such as Disability in the media, life as a Disabled student, Asexuality and mental health, amongst others. Charli can be found on both Instagram and Twitter as @charliclement_ .

ID: Charli, a young woman with long dark brown hair, is taking a selfie in front of the asexual pride flag (a flag striped with the colours black, grey, white and purple). She is wearing a black and white check shirt and purple eyeshadow.

Cambridge Women in Business Society

CamWiB is a society that aims to empower and inspire female-identifying students at the University of Cambridge, equipping them with the skills, resources and connections they need to become the leaders of the future. CamWiB was nominated for the Bright Network's Women's Society Award in 2019 and narrowly missed out on the first place.

ID: A dark black silhouette of a long building with spires sits in the background, with the letters CAMWIB set in white relief in the front.

Warwick Women in Econ Society

Warwick Women in Economics Society (WWiE) is a society that addresses the lack of women and diversity in economics by providing a supportive network for female students to discuss gender inequality. They organise events such as round table discussions, keynote presentations, networking events and mentorship schemes in order to help students gain the skills and confidence required to join competitive industries.

You may also recognise the name WWiE: its Co-Founder, Izzy Buratta, is a fellow Changemaker and was announced last week!

ID: The letters ‘WWiE’ are written in colourful bubble writing, with the second ‘W’ set behind the first to make it look 3-dimensional. Underneath, the words ‘Warwick Women in Economics’ are written in bold black font.

To the Changemakers

Are you a #StudentChangemaker doing phenomenal work, or know of Changemakers who are championing and campaigning for equality? Nominate someone from your social media by writing a bit about them, tagging us @EqualityCheck - and make sure to include #StudentChangemaker! You can also email us: hello@equalitycheck.it with the subject #StudentChangemaker.

Equality Check is a bottom-up, community-driven platform that encourages employers to catalyse positive change in their workplace. Our common goal of achieving a more equal workplace relies on passionate community builders who will engage their colleagues, friends, and family to join the platform. Do your bit to improve workplace equality by leaving an anonymous review of where you work on our website today!

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