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#StudentChangemaker: Working Towards Gender Equality

We are delighted to introduce our next four profiles in the #StudentChangemaker campaign. All of these individuals have committed their time at University to improving gender equality. They are taking actions to catalyse change by advocating for women in leadership positions, engaging in discussions of feminism, offering support, or presenting female students with business insights and opportunities.


The work of each of these Changemakers is rooted in the same values that led to Equality Check’s founders, Isabelle and Marie Louise, launching their hugely successful #HunSpanderer campaign. For this reason, we can’t wait to tell you about the work they’re doing!

Rania Mohiuddin

Rania Mohiuddin (she/her) is both the President of King’s College London Women in Leadership Society (KCLWIL) and Director of Public Relations and Communications at Youth Station Association, an organisation that empowers youth and supports international mobility in order to work towards bringing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to life. You can follow Rania’s work on Instagram and Twitter at @kclwil and @youthstationint.

Image Description: Rania is standing in the foreground of a garden. She is smiling directly at the camera with her head tilted to one side. She is wearing a grey sweater and has her hands folded in front of her.

Edinburgh University Feminist Society (EUFS)

Edinburgh University Feminist Society (EUFS or ‘Fem Soc’) is comprised of a group of Edinburgh University students interested in discussing feminist issues, empowering justice and campaigning for the liberation of self-defining women and non-binary people.

Image Description: The EUFS logo consists of a hot pink circle with a dark blue border running around the outside. The letters EUFS (which stand for Edinburgh University Feminist Society) run across the middle in yellow cursive writing with a dark blue shadow effect behind them.

Sofija Petrovic

Sofija (she/her) is the current President of Oxford Women in Business Society (OxWIB), a thriving student society that provides a platform for opportunities for enterprising young women at the University of Oxford. You can follow Sofija’s work with OxWIB on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Image Description: Sofija is standing in front of the Radcliffe Camera, a famous round building in Oxford. She is smiling directly at the camera, with long brown hair and her head tilted slightly to one side. She is dressed all in black, wearing a black shirt as well as a University Gown.

Izzy Buratta

Izzy (she/her) is the Co-Founder and 2020-2021 President of the Warwick Women in Economics Society (WWIE), the UK’s first society dedicated to supporting female students at university and further down the economics career pipeline. You can follow the development of WWiE on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Image Description: Izzy is sitting on a brown leather sofa with a grey tiled wall behind her. She has long blond hair, is wearing a black T-shirt, and is smiling.

Are you a #StudentChangemaker catalysing change, or do you know of Changemakers who are championing and campaigning for equality? Nominate someone on social media by telling us why they’re a #StudentChangemaker, tagging us @EqualityCheck - and make sure to include the #StudentChangemaker hashtag! You can also email us at hello@equalitycheck.it with the subject #StudentChangemaker.

Equality Check is a bottom-up, community-driven platform that encourages employers to catalyse positive change in their workplace. Our common goal of achieving a more equal workplace relies on passionate community builders who will engage their colleagues, friends, and family to join the platform. Do your bit to improve workplace equality by leaving an anonymous review of where you work on our website today!

Image Description: #StudentChangemaker, A diverse group of 8 students stand in the middle of a street. Only their shoulders and heads are visible. They are looking defiantly and confidently at the camera.

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