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Voices for Equality

Do you have a story to share?


A story:

Five years ago, I was interviewed for a high-level management position for Abu Dhabi. In the second round, I was asked if my partner would be ok with me relocating for the position had it been offered to me. I made them aware that I was gay by saying, “He would be fine with it.” They ended the interview immediately.

-Chris Hovde

Do you have a story to share?

In collaboration with Oslo Pride, we are collecting stories from people who have experienced unconscious/conscious bias at the workplace because of their sexual orientation. The stories can be anonymous and can be positive or negative, as long as they are genuine.

The purpose of the campaign is to shed light on the topic and hear stories of what people have experienced at the workplace in Oslo/Norway because of their sexual orientation.

Feel free to write in your native language, but note that the stories will be translated into English.

Please share this with anyone you may know would be interested/comfortable sharing a personal story.

Submit your story here or email us at hello@equalitycheck.it

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