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Who should pay the bill on the first date? Singles in Norway have spoken...

In collaboration with the dating app, Happn, we surveyed the app's users asking who they believe should pay the bill on the first date. Here's what they said:


How equal is the Norwegian dating scene? Specifically when it comes to the end of the date and the bill arrives? A common dilemma for many singles is who should cover the bill on the first date. In a new survey among Happn users in Norway, we have asked their users who they think should pick up the check. Read the findings below.

A new survey from the global dating app Happn reveals that 39% of those surveyed believe that men should pay.

Who should pay the bill?

  • 43% said that the bill should be split evenly.
  • 39% said that men should pay.
  • 15% said that the person who initiated the day should pay.

Men were more likely to say that they should pay on the first date. And women were more likely to answer that the bill should be shared equally.

In the same survey, 24% said that they pay the bill because they feel it is expected of them. While 20% say they pay to make a good impression.

Dating apps have had a big impact on the way people interact with each other, and happn makes it possible for men and women to interact on equal terms. However, the survey results show that there are still different expectations when meeting in real life. We are incredibly happy that Equality Check wants to work with us to further strengthen gender equality at several levels in society. -Marine Ravinet, Head of Trends at happn

Equality Check believes that there are no right or wrong answers here. We work for a society where no one - neither men nor women - is limited by stereotypes. Through raising awareness, we hope to inspire to treat everyone with equality and respect, both on a date and in the workplace. What do you think? Feel free to join the conversation and see more statstics on our Instagram.

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