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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

5 Tips to improve health and safety in your workplace


On April 28th 2019, the international labour organisation introduced the first World Day for Safety and Health at Work. With this day they want to highlight the importance of creating safe and healthy work environments. Everyday across the world over 100 million people get injured at work, while 7500 people die due to unhealthy work environments. Unhealthy conditions have a big impact on the workers and their families on a variety of different aspects. It is therefore very important that companies offer a healthy and safe workplace to their employees.

5Tips to improve health and safety in your workplace

1. Ensure your employees have the right equipment.

Using the right tools and equipment can enhance the creation of better products, but it can also improve the safety. Make sure your employees have correct and fully equipped tools to work with. For this, it is important that the equipment is maintained regularly. Raise awareness withing your staff around the proper handling of the equipment and the importance of maintenance and

2. Implement safety meetings.

Assign a safety and health and committee,consisting of employees from different departments and layers throughout the company. This team should try to meet at least once a month, to discuss safety topics, inspections, injury’s, etc. These meetings will keep safety top of mind so that when an incedent occurs everyone will know what to do.

3. Give employees the right training

Your organization should provide employees with the right safety training and knowledge so they can use the necessary tools correctly. Make sure that these trainings are given in a way that the employees will surely understand. This training should always be given to new employees. It can also help to offer an annual refresh course to existing employees for those who wish to do so. It is also recommended to follow up on new employees to make sure they have mastered the tools completely.

4. Keep an open dialogue

Create a work environment that encourages employees to report health and safety concerns. Encourage employees to give feedback on this matter and ensure they report safety hazards right away. Not only will employees report problems, they will be more open to reporting any concerns they might have about potential areas of concern they have noticed. Listen to these concerns, take them seriously and eliminate any potential hazards.

5. Use visual safety aids

It can be beneficial to use color codes, signs, labels, etc. to inform employees of any potential safety hazards.In addition it might be useful to ensure you have OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration) posters in every work and recreational area.Labels and signs are a low costs and effective way to communicate important information.

A healthy and safe work environment can help improvehealth and wellbeing, greater productivity, higher performance, increased job satisfaction, etc.We hope you found these five tips helpful and find a way to increase health and safety in your company! Which one will you try first ?

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